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Vibrant Metallic Paint

High luster Vibrant Metallic paint is ready to use and can be used on metal, wood, tin, paper, cloth, concrete, plaster of paris, terracotta and various types of platic substrates.

Use Vibrant Metallic Ink for the best luster effects
Decorative Coatings :

Vibrant Metallic paint can be used for decorating walls ceilings or furniture in homes and commercial establishments.

Industrial Coatings :

Vibrant Metallic paint can be used for coating metal

parts/products, toys furniture and housings for electronic equipments etc.

Drying :

Vibrant Metallic paint can be used for banner painting,

statue/idol, painting, stenciling, dipping.

Vibrant Metallic paint can be applied by brush painting, Spray painting, dipping.

Other Uses :
Method of application :

Vibrant Metallic paint are very quick drying

Surface            5-8 minutes

Tack Free         10-12 minutes

Hard Dry          1-1.5 hours

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